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Chitra Prasad talks about how infinitheism has changed her life and the atmosphere in her school.
Inifinithoughts “definitely will change your life? says Nimbritha, a 15 year old student at NSN school.
Srilatha, a teacher tells us that infinithoughts can helps everyone in a family to focus on positives.
Swathi a student in NSN School says infinitheism and its teachings has now become a part of her life


  • infinithoughts and the name Mahatria were introduced to me by a friend in Kolkata, who knew why I needed it. Just like what we hear about the 'Bermuda Triangle' that things get vanished there, my emotional weaknesses have vanished in the magical triangle created by my loving friend in Kolkata, infinithoughts in the south and myself in Mohali, Punjab. Thank you from the depth of my heart.

    Amardeep Kaur, Mohali
  • I have been reading infinithoughts for the last four years and I am immensely benefited. In olden days, Vedas, Puranas and epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata used to provide guidance to the human beings. Later the works of teachers like Adi Sankara did the same. In modern India, the teachings of Swami Vivekananda inspired millions of people all over the world. In the present days infinithoughts is doing the same job for the benefit of the entire mankind. Thanks and best wishes to your team.

    Ratan Kumar Y, Hyderabad
  • infinithoughts is full of motivating thoughts and ideas with which one will forget all his pains and worries. This will give a new start to one's life with a lot of confidence and enthusiasm. It teaches so many life lessons. It is a wonderful experience which cannot be expressed in words. Thanks for providing infinithoughts in our school. Otherwise we students wouldn't have known the real meaning of life and ourselves much better.

    Laviza Shaikh, Pune
  • My dear infinithoughts, Ever since I touched you, life has never been the same again for me! You came like a candle of wisdom to eradicate the darkness of ignorance! You ignited my life with the torch of happiness! You decorated my soul with the flowers of love! You filled my heart with the air of pure thoughts! You sowed my mind with the seeds of faith! You fed my body with the milk of courage! You showed my eyes the path to divinity! Every time when I hold you in my hand, I keep growing and I find myself somewhere at the top! It's you who is travelling with me every now and then. So fortunate I feel for having found you!

    Akshara H, Chennai

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infinithoughts is more than a magazine. It focuses on Destiny Designing, Spirituality, Religion & Science, Management, Selling, Relationship, Marriage, Parenting, Adolescence, Psychology, Finance, Health, Clarity in thinking, Stress management, and the Science of Living. The content of the magazine is further enhanced by inspirational stories, quotes, growth-oriented posters and thoughts of great masters. infinithoughts features regular columns on legendary people who have left their impressions in various walks of life, and silent achievers who have scaled great heights against many odds, to enable the reader to take a leaf from their lives and get inspired.

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Birth was not your choice and death will not be your choice, but the way you live your life between these two terminals, the one which has already happened (birth) and the one which will happen (death), is absolutely your choice.

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From the king to a pauper, everybody has only 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in a week. Unless we get the best out of our time, we cannot get the best out of our life. Life leadership is time leadership.

The Merry-Go-Round

A recent experiment challenged a few people to walk straight while blindfolded. Some walked through forests and others trekked through deserts. All walkers wore GPS receivers so that the researchers could analyse their routes.

The Facebook God

There were times when in our growing years, we were taught that the first thing to do in the morning on waking up and the last thing before going to bed was to join our hands and pray to God. To thank him for everything that he has bestowed upon us...

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Want to be successful in Singing? Sing every day!
Want to be a marathon Runner? Run every day!
Want to be a successful Writer? Write every day!
Want to be a Numero Uno in Dance? Dance everyday!

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Choices & Consequences
Birth was not your choice and death will not be your choice, but the way you live your life between these two terminals, the one which has already happened (birth) and the one which will happen (death), is absolutely your choice.

Life is just a macrocosmic dream. Like the microcosmic dreams that you have in your sleep out of your finite intelligence, life is a macrocosmic dream born out the Infinite Intelligence. Surrender yourself to the flow of life and experience the experience of this experience.